Dr. Roseann, The Top Children's Mental Health Expert Reveals the Secret to Cultivating Confidence for Your Kids....

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Raising Successful Kids Challenge! 

How to Help Your Kid Go From Struggling To Successful While Keeping Your Own Sanity

Dr. Roseann is so concerned about children's mental health and parent stress, that she is going to share these SOLUTIONS that cultivate confidence so your child can excel, be focused, and make good decisions for themselves no matter what is going on at school or home so you can stop the overwhelm.

For $7, you get the secret sauce.

Just easy, quick information that offer solutions for struggling kids.

  • ​5-Day Raising Successful Kids Challenge
  • ​BONUS: Master class on How to Develop Grit and Resilience

This is for you if...

  • You are sick of tired of feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and uncertain and want guidance from who FORBES called, "A thought leader in children's mental health."
  • You have concerns about your kid's attention, behavioral, social, learning, or emotional regulation and need TRUSTED SOLUTIONS on how improve these concerns so you can get off the worry train.
  • You want to help your child EXCEL in school and still be happy. 
  • You want the secret sauce on how to parent to CULTIVATE SUCCESS for your child in academics, get their stuff done, and get along with others that is easy to do and doesn't require without constant nagging.
  • Your kid has a clinical diagnosis and you don't know what to do and need ACTIONABLE tools and tips. 
  • You want the tools to hone in on your child's STRENGTHS so they can excel without all the worry.
  • ​You are just like every other parent in the world and you feel overwhelmed, exhausted and unsure and you need solutions to get your kid BACK ON TRACK.

In 5 short days, you can help your child EXCEL all while making dinner or sorting the laundry.

 from Dr. Roseann 

  • 5 Day Challenge: How to Raise Successful Kids: 5 Steps to Success in School, Life, and at Home ($17 value). In 5 shorts days, you can go from overwhelmed to energized with easy to use resources and daily videos. Dr. Ro shares the secret to cultivating confidence, which creates unlimited possibilities for your kiddo (regardless of age or abilities) so your child can do better in school, have friends, and make good choices for themselves (don't worry you can catch this replay anytime because we will send you all the videos)!
  • ​BONUS: Masterclass with Dr. Ro How to build Resilience and Grit in Your Child ($97 value). In this 3-Part Video Series, Dr. Ro's gives you the best hacks to help your kids be autonomous, self-confident kids who independently create success for themselves without having to nag them. 
  • BONUS: Q & A With Dr. Roseann ($2250 value). Dr. Roseann answers the biggest questions parents have about how to help your struggling kid.  Dr. Roseann's specialty is helping parents find science-backed solutions for struggling kids, no matter what is going on. This is you opportunity to get the secrets to helping your struggling kid EXCEL in school, with friendships, and at home. 

Every parent wants their child to be HAPPY and HEALTHY. That success starts from within and we can cultivate that so our kiddos can SHINE. 

Grab this NO-BRAINER OPPORTUNITY for ONLY $7!! ($2,364 value). 

"Spending 5 minutes with Dr. Roseann was better than the 11 months we spent with my son's therapist!" 
Parent of a child with poor attention

What are you waiting for? Success doesn't just happen, it is nurtured by you... and here are the tools to get started in cultivating that success for your child TODAY and it's only $7!

Ⓒ Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge & The GlobaI Institute of Children’s Mental Health
*Disclaimer: This information does not constitute or replace medical advice. Always consult with a physician or mental health provider before beginning any new health regime.

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